NYC Gay Parade 2015

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Scotus Ruling is a fundamental step for the gay rights movement. Voted 2 weeks ago by the Supreme Court of the United States, it legalizes and recognizes the same-sex marriage as a right nationwide. This announcement sounded like a yell of freedom not only in the US homosexual landscape but all over the world.

Two days after the decision, on June 28, marriage equality has been celebrated at New York City’s annual gay parade. But this year, the party had a special taste! A taste of victory over decades of fight. “All 50 states”, the relever’s motto is still resounding in the street of the city. Rainbow flags flying, shining smiles, love was in the air and happiness was palpable. Mayor Bill de Blasio was marching the parade with family, and other politicians as well. All celebrating a new turn in America’s history.

Derek Jacobi, the famous British actor featured among jubilated marchers and also took advantage to propose his secret crush and ‘Vicious’ co-star Sir Ian McKellen.

Celebrations occurred all around the country. People’s joy echoed everywhere, even on Facebook with plenty of rainbow photo filter wildly getting posted. America is now the 21st country to legalize the same-sex marriage. Morality? Maybe, that love always triumph.

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