NYC Women’s March 2018

Project Description

The same team of organizers that brought you the 2017 Women’s March on NYC are organizing the 2018 march. This team has grown into a nonprofit called Women’s March Alliance, Corp. Stated Goals Empower every human who witnesses or participates in the Women’s March on NYC to stand up for their beliefs and their rights Connect victims of discrimination, civil injustice, sexual harassment, or unfair treatment in an environment that encourages them to share their stories, receive support and know that they are not alone Remind the existing government body that they report to the people and the people expect their civil liberties to be upheld Bring hope to those who have lost confidence in the United States Government by physically showing them that the power lies with the people Remind every American that their right to assemble, march, demonstrate, protest, and vote is sacred and only available to citizens of free countries like the United States of America.

Project Details

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