Greenwich Int. Film Festival 2017

Project Description

Compelling. Provocative. Thrilling. Empowering.

These are the adjectives that describe the films that play in the minds of tomorrow’s great filmmakers. Greenwich International Film Festival aims to celebrate these gifted artists annually and to promote Greenwich, Connecticut, as a film and visual arts epicenter. The second annual Greenwich International Film Festival (GIFF) will take place June 9th through 12th, 2016. The Festival’s supporting workshops, seminars and screenings throughout the year help to cultivate a burgeoning visual arts community in Greenwich. The GIFF was founded by Carina Crain, Colleen deVeer, and Wendy Stapleton Reyes to bridge the worlds of film, finance, and philanthropy. It will feature 30+ international films, exciting parties, panels and premieres.

The mission of the Greenwich International Film Festival is to provide filmmakers with an effective platform to showcase their work with the goal of finding financing and distribution. Additionally, GIFF harnesses the power of film to serve the greater good by highlighting an important cause each year. The 2016 Festival will focus on human rights issues.

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Tags: Interviews, Movie Premieres, Red Capets, Videos, VIP Events, with Celebrities

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